Outdoor TV Rental


Fort Worth Outdoor TV Rental rents inflatable screens. Our screens come with everything you need for a movie night under the stars. If requested we can provide a TV converter box so that you can watch local TV stations. If you have satelite our equipment will accept most normal video inputs. So if you’re looking to watch a pay per view event through your satelite television provider you can! Want to watch a major sporting event such as the Super Bowl, Nascar (Saturday Night Race), the Stanley Cup, the World Series or any of the playoffs leading up to the championships. As long as it is dark outside or you’ve rented our 8×4.5 screen which will fit indoors under average height ceilings, you’ll be able to enjoy the “BIG SHOW” on the “BIG SCREEN”.

Outdoor TV Rental Packages

Our television rental packages come complete with everything you will need for a movie night using either a DVD or a Bluray. If you were wanting to do the TV night, a local TV box is by request only. A gaming night can be done with our equipment as well. It has the standard TV hookups that will accept either an Xbox, Wii or any contemporary gaming console.

Business Meeting TV Rental

If you’re having an office meeting we can rent any of our equipment by the piece. Please call for pricing. Our projector will allow for hooking up a laptop for presentations. You will need to provide the appropriate cable.